Subvenio is an assistive technology which allows an enhanced interface to be easily integrated into existing environmental control systems. The intuitive interface enables disabled or physically impaired people fast and full control of their existing automated systems, from changing channel on the TV or radio. Making and receiving telephone calls though to paging the carer, all simply at the click of a mouse button, head movement, or by voice recognition.

Click here for screenshots: Vista, Windows 7

Subvenio is a highly flexible product

Draw a floorplan of your own home and control appliances using controls that would be familiar to a non-disabled person.

Subvenio is fully customisable to meet the needs of the individual and their home. Create floorplans and insert your own appliances all in a matter of minutes, without the need for an engineer to visit your home.


Subvenio is compatible with most existing environmental control systems and normal household appliances.
Subvenio runs on Microsoft Windows Versions:
  • XP, Vista, Windows 7
Complex devices such as televisions are controlled via an interactive virtual remote control on the screen, providing an incredibly fast and intuitive interface.

Unlike existing environmental control systems, Subvenio does not limit the number of appliances it can control. It supports a number of different interfaces from handsfree motion control, voice recognition and scanning switches.

Client Testimonial

"I have been using Subvenio to control my environmental controls through my laptop."

"Having a fast, simple, straightforward and attractive way of accessing what before was a multi-layered and time consuming interface has allowed me to respond much faster to, for example, answering and dialing the phone, answering the front door intercom and opening the door, adjusting the volume and tv controls, playing/stopping CDs/DVDs and much more, giving me fast independent control of my environment. It also gives me more time to do what I want to be doing."

Luke C3/4